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Our Approach

At Brunswick Physiotherapy and Sports Performance our staff are passionate about giving you the finest care available to achieve the greatest results possible with respect to your injuries. We achieve results by adopting a comprehensive approach that targets all facets of your injuries.


There are 5 key objectives that we address with every injury to facilitate a speedy and successful recovery:


1. Accurate Diagnosis

Performing a complete assessment of your injury history, presenting problem and observing your functional movement patterns aids us in not only identifying where the pain is coming from but why the pain started in the first place.

2. Relieve the Pain

After identifying where the problem is coming from we treat your symptoms of pain, stiffness, numbness, weakness etc. to make you feel better quickly so you can get back to the more important things in life.

3. Cure the Cause

We aim for more than just symptom relief as all injuries have an underlying cause as to why they occurred. If this is not identified and addressed the injury and symptoms will just come back in a matter or time. Our detailed assessment allows us to target the specific contributing factors to your injury and correct them to prevent symptoms from returning.

4. Injury Prevention

We work with you to prevent future injuries utilising individualised education and exercises with a detailed injury management plan, so that you can go home and keep yourself happy, healthy and injury free.


5. Improve Performance

Our aim is always to improve your performance above and beyond what you were capable of rather than just stopping once you are pain free. We make sure that when you get back to your sport you wonder why you never sought us out sooner.


At Brunswick Physiotherapy we “Take you from injury to excellence”