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Strength & Conditioning

Whilst improving your strength is often vital for greater performance in sport without proper conditioning to your sport you will never reach your full potential. Conditioning involves preparing your body for the demands required of your sport and focuses not just only on fitness but technique and biomechanics as well.


Our coaches at Brunswick Physiotherapy and Sports Performance provide a unique combination of physiotherapy and strength and conditioning training to help you achieve your highest performance in your sport.


We offer both 1:1 and group sessions with our high performance coaches which target each person individually factoring in the requirements of each sport.


We Specialise In:

Running Gait

Running gait is very important in most sports as most sports require some aspect of speed/power or agility on your feet. Therefore improving your strength, power and running technique will result in improved speed and performance on the field.


Rehab and Durability

Following and injury, getting back to 100% fitness can be very tough especially if your knowledge in rehabilitation and recovery is limited. We offer experienced knowledge in injury rehabilitation and combine this with our knowledge in strength and conditioning so that you can come back to the sports you love fitter, stronger and more durable than you were before.


Weightlifting / Sports Power Coaching

Our coaches are trained in Olympic style powerlifting and weightlifting and utilise these techniques to aid in building power and speed into your training program safely and effectively. These lifts improve running speed, gait mechanics, strength and explosive power all of which are utilized in most sports.

Utilizing the facilities within our centre, Brunswick Physiotherapy also Offers:

  • Elite Gym Training
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Fat Loss/ Muscle Gain Programs

Our Ultimate goal is to hone your skills and give you the techniques to improve performance in your sport and be the best athlete you can be.